Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Beatiful Baby Bump

Isn't she lovely?

Baby Boy is on his way...
Sure to be handsome, just look at his parents! 

 We had fun downtown.  This was before the weather turned back to winter.  LOL!
Oh wait, now it's Spring again.  Make up your mind Las Vegas!
 Lovin' the vibe in these next images.
Leopard shoes!
Electric guitar!

 Aaaaaaand...I end with my favorite pose.
This "love" pose always ends up being one of my favorites.  Too bad if your sick of seing it!  LOL!
Wives/girlfriends always look happiest on their significant others' shoulder.
Thanks for looking!!

Peace out.


Jessi McCall said...

She is beautiful! I love me a stylish mommy!!! Great pics as always!!

Heather said...

BEAUTIFUL!!! Love me some *LUV-IT* Frozen Custard!!!!!!! YUMMY!!!!
My fav is the guitar shot!!! :o)

Anonymous said...

These came out AWESOME! Great job Marissa.

Brooke said...

VERY lovely! good job Mariss! And, congrats to the couple!!

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