Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Fun in the desert and other ramblings

Last week one of the hugest trade shows for photographers came to Las Vegas.
Talk about intimidating!  I really wanted to go see what all the fuss was about, so I dragged my friend Joani with me.  (thanks Joani!!)
We attended this great workshop by Stephen Knuth and Dan Fields on Off-Camera Lighting.
Got to play with some fun, new (to me) equipment.  Yeah...the "gear" list keeps getting longer and longer.  Ha!  Ha!
As I put on Facebook...I did a "cool" black and white conversion to kind of fit the mood.
Maybe it's because I know how cold she really was!

This cute couple (she is a photographer also) braved the cold for us too.
Man!  Once that sun went down, it was so dang cold!  It gets a little difficult to turn dials and push buttons when your fingers feel like they are crystalizing.  LOL!
But!  That didn't stop us from shooting away.
I just love their style.
This last one was taken mostly with natural light.  Once it gets dark, your camera can't focus well on the there's a built-in sort of flash light on the beauty dish Alien Bees thingy 
(that's the technical term).  That's what is lighting the couple.

So...I obviously can't offer this type of session for children.  They run around too much!!
However, I will start offering some "high contrast" sessions like this.
I am really torn.  I LOVE the dramatic effects you can get with this.
But, my heart belongs to natural light.  (maybe because that's what I know best at this point)
I love photography more than ever.  I think I really love it because I love to learn...and with photography I feel like ther is ALWAYS more to learn.

I think it's really fun/cute/entertaining when blog authors have some kind of closing line at the end of their post.  Let's you know they are done, and it becomes their "signature" in a sense.
Tell me what I should use!  Let's vote...
Peace out.
(I really use that.  Ask Marylin.  She uses it too, but adds a "yo" at the end)


And here's what's happening in your neck of the woods.
Oh wait.  That's Al Roker's.

Suggestions?  C'mon.  A little help from those creative-wordy peeps?


Marylin said...

HAA HAA you crack me up! I love these shots! What a fun day, wish I could have been there too :)

Peace out Yo!! ;)

brooke said...

these are totally fun and gorgeous! looks like a really great time!! lets see.. you could say.. "did ya like that?" :) Or.. "you're welcome."

Joani Zibert Williams said...

O..."Word to ya Mother" fa sizzle! lol I LOVE the last one with little light...and talk about torn have consitancy...I am ALL over the I vote for Learn it ALL :) You are amazing!

Tom, Brittany, & Girls said...

I have just started to play with other lighting. It is kind of fun. Thanks for dinner last night it was yummy! Your photography is beautiful!

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