Tuesday, March 15, 2011


"You want to take him...over there?"
Yes!  It will be awesome!
Reminds me of New York City with the urban landscape and the awesome 3 piece suit.
Yes...Alex knows how to rock a 3 piece suit.
Whatever you do...don't smile.  LOL!  We tried hard to get him to laugh...
he loosened up later.  It was the suit that made him so fabulously GQ.
What senior doesn't love their Ipod?
Rockin' out with the Ipod...AIR GUITAR!
We had this awesome sunset...they were all laughing at me because I was getting SO crazy excited about the gorgeous sky.  AWESOME time at this session!


Sara Cecil Photography said...

LOVE (in my best hallelujah chorus voice) that last one and the B&W with the ipod! you are rocking the OCF!! very impressed!!!! wanna teach me LOL

Marylin said...

MOST EXCELLENT my friend!! Great session, love the urban :)

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