Monday, January 10, 2011

What do I wear?

I am totally addicted to the show "What Not to Wear" on TLC.  Yes, there are days when perhaps I should be the one on there...but I love it anyway.  While it would be nice to have Stacey and Clinton as a personal stylist, we don't have that luxury, do we.
I honestly believe that how your session is styled makes all the difference!!
This cute family is another example of how to do it RIGHT!
They picked several colors, then chose outfits for everyone in those colors.  AND as an added bonus (in my humble opinion) they are bold colors.  Yay Harlow family!
This session was one of my last sessions before taking maternity leave...
I just had to post them as an example.
Aren't they handsome?!?  Those eyes are killin' me!
I am excited to get back into the swing of things...
I have been shooting for myself and doing some creative soul searching.
Can't wait to share what I've learned!


Anonymous said...

These are really really great Marissa! What a fab job they did w/color's amazing what a choice of clothes will do for images. Looking forward to your future blogs & seeing what all this soul-searching has done ;).

Life with Kaishon said...

Seriously gorgeous! I love when families do that too! Sometimes candid photojournalism is nice, but sometimes color coordinating just rocks the picture like nothing else! Love!

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