Friday, December 31, 2010

Change {be ready for random thoughts}

I am a person who likes change.
I like this time of year where we all resolve to better and reflect on the previous year.
I want to be better.
In. all. aspects. of. my. life.
Wife, mother, daughter, friend
Indulge me a moment...

(yes, I realize these pictures don't go with what I'm talking, I don't care  LOL!)

Another theme for this year for me is consistency.

Again...I think this is a far reaching goal.
Consistency in:
post-processing images
rapport with clients
an exercise regiment (that has been non-existent for too long!)
staying true to who I am

So...what's the point?
There will be some biz-nass changes.
So excited!  Watch for blog changes, website changes, etc.
YAY for change!

Here's to 2011! 

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