Tuesday, December 28, 2010


When I was taking piano lessons as a girl, my piano teacher would always say as I was leaving,
"Practice!  Practice!  Practice!"  (picture her shaking her finger too)
I am taking this family time to brush up on my skills and learn some new tricks.
It's given me a new excitement for photography in general...I LOVE learning new things.
I am now experimenting with Off-camera flash...I love so many things about this technique! 
I have SO much to learn about it, but I am having fun in the meantime.
Couldn't decide...color, or black and white?

I am grateful for a willing niece to help me learn/practice. 
We didn't go anywhere fancy, but I still like the results.

Thanks for looking!
For those that are interested, I am now starting to schedule sessions for Feb/March.
Send me an e-mail marissadphotos@hotmail.com to schedule

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Crystal said...

Is this Alyssa's daughter? She is adorable! I way love the color one vs. black and white.

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