Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Cupcake Cutie

Aah!  This is my 100th post!  I know, it seems silly to point out something like that...but I feel like I should celebrate.  What better way to celebrate than with this Little Darling???

Yes - you have seen "J" before.  And yes, she looks JUST like her brother from this session.  While brainstorming for this adorable session, J's awesome mom mentioned she knows the owner of this fabulous cupcake place called Retro Bakery.  Mmmmmm.  My favorite.  I look for excuses to go on that side of town just so I can get a cupcake.  I am in l-o-v-e with their Salted Carmel Crunch cupcake.  The owner was so incredibly nice and accomodating! 
The ballerina in me just loves this!
Happy 1st Birthday little cupcake cutie!


Crystal said...

How exciting that she is your 100th! 1st and 100th together, it's fate! LOVE them! Thank you Marissa!!!!

Melissa Brown said...

Love the composition of the last one!

Anonymous said...

Hi Marissa, small world huh?! LOL.. Anyways, was great to see you & that cute belly of yours. Looking forward to seeing images of that baby on here ;)! Are you on fb, if so look me up. Take care of yourself & please keep in touch!

Anonymous said...

PS ~ Adorable photo's of this cutie at the bakery!!

Anonymous said...

and the contemporary in me just loves this too! :) Great pics. Congrats on your little newborn!

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