Thursday, December 31, 2009

Where the streets have no name

A Christmas family session...
The Jensens are a GREAT example of how to "coordinate," and not "match."

Again - no secret that I am in love with bold colors.
That is one of the reasons my heart is so happy from this session!
...not to mention they are just awesome people.
I think I *heart* the urban look because of the creative aspect. I had some specific places in mind when we went, but as we were walking arounnd we kept finding more fun places!
This gorgeous girl was another one of my first "official" sessions...
Lucky me!
They were so trusting too! We saw this frame in the road and I thought it was a perfect opportunity for a big, squishy, cheesy, family hug! And look how cute! Even though Ruby wasn't too sure about it, I still like it.
More "catching up" soon...

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