Thursday, December 31, 2009

Merry New Year!

I have some SERIOUS blogging to catch up on! I will probably be posting every day this week!
I have really been focusing on editing only, to help people have pictures by Christmas and still spend time with my lil' family. I hope you have all enjoyed your holidays...I know I have.

Remember this cute couple? Well they got a baby!! Yay for adoption!

As adoptive couples waiting for a baby, we are encouraged to get "pass along cards" (basically adoption business cards) to put something in people's hands when the ask about our situations.
Dan & Aranne had just printed out a bazillion pass along cards to send in Christmas cards, hand out to friends, etc. They got them in the mail the same day the got the news about Blake!
Oh the irony...

He is absolutely adorable. This little guy just loves his parents too...

Congratulations Urbanic family!

If you know anyone who is on the list (or is trying to get on the list) to adopt a baby, send them my way! I will do a complimentary mini-session to help with their profile pictures.

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Aranne said...

yeah... We loved the pictures.. Thanks once again for helping to capture a moment in time for us!!!

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