Monday, February 13, 2012

My funny Valentine

This little darling belongs to me.
It's so fun because she's finally getting to the stage where it's not a mad dash to capture something.  She will take a little "direction," but most the time she has her own ideas of what she wants to do during a photo shoot.
Which works out great!  Because I can capture her true spunky personality.
My inspiration was this darling vintage Valentine's Day card of a drum majorette...then I got more excited when I saw half time for the Super Bowl.  Did you see it?  Drum Majors....more inspiration!!
 These are just a few of the fun ones we captured...some day I will have to do an "out take" post of all her silly faces and funny dance moves.

Happy Birthday Sweet Sarah!


Heather said...


KylaGroneman said...

So so cute! Love them all. Happy birthday crazy girlie.

Sarah Vidal said...

Very cute ideas. Very cute little girl!

Joani Zibert Williams said...

Love These..So Precious!! The glitter picture is awesome..they all are!! xo

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