Wednesday, June 23, 2010

"Nice camera..."

It's funny to me how people see a picture and say things like, "Wow! You have a really nice camera!"
I smile, say thanks...and in my mind I think, "That's only half of it."
There's so much to learn about ISO, Aperture, and shutter speed (I still have TONS to learn).
Not to mention how you want your style to be enhanced in Photoshop/Post-processing.
My sister gave me permission to make fun of her. We were at a wedding, when she grabbed my camera and turned it on me. My brother gave me a silly side hug and this is the result...

Oh man! My brother looks like he has a really bad bronzer on, and I am practically a ghost!
I guess what I'm trying to say is it takes more than a good camera to take a great picture.

When choosing a photographer, I realize that all of us are budget-concious lately...and that may be your primary reason for choosing that particular photographer. However, choose someone that fits (or even stretches) your budget, AND you like their style. You won't regret it!
Just a couple months ago, I changed my pricing structure...I really sat down and calculated exactly the time I spend on sessions and what I feel I am worth. I also considered costs for training, equipment, taxes...lots to think about! It was a difficult decision to make some drastic changes, but it certainly was necessary.
I feel I have come leaps and bounds from when I first started...

For example (this might get embarassing)
One of my first sessions:

Thank goodness they came back to me recently!
I have learned sooo much... finding the best light, focusing on the eyes,
color/exposure correction (still a work in progress on that one!), getting less pose-y, etc.

This used to be my absolute favorite picture EV-ER. I thought I was the best photographer for getting this one. Where do I start? Composition? Bad photoshop? Poor focus? Chopped hand...etc., etc.
I have new favorites all the time...but this is a recent fav of a baby. I don't do much black and white anymore, so it's hard to compare...but you get the idea.
I always want to keep learning. Hopefully a year from now, I will pick myself apart again. But hopefully not to the extent to where I don't enjoy photography anymore. I am finding it is a fine balance.

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Marylin said...

Oh lady If I said half of what I think it would be a very long comment!! I TOTALLY AGREE with you!! It secretly drives me NUTS when someone will say "Well if I had a camera like that, I could take good pictures too!" So glad you had the perfect way to make the point I might have to steal the concept!! :) Love ya

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