Monday, January 4, 2010

Kung Fu family

Sometimes I am just in the mood for...different. Sometimes I make people jump just so they can get silly. This group needed no help getting silly. The Mathews kids had me rolling...especially with the "sexy orangutang" pose. I will never forget that one. Anywhoo...once I showed them how they looked jumping, they decided to do a Kung Fu pose. THEN we decided it would be really awesome to do some silly comic strip poses/processing. Why the heck not? I was going to insert a "KA-BOOM" and "POW" cloud, but decided it took away from the actual picture.

Tough superheroes.

Here's the real deal. Isn't it so sweet they did this for their parents for Christmas? You may remember THIS post...they wanted it to be an absolute surprise for them.

BJ is the jokester of the group

...and my darling cousin who helped that day.

Luv ya JaNae!

Utah peeps should check her out!

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Marylin said...

Fun idea! Love them!

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