Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Photog friends...old and new

I thoroughly enjoyed having a "creative" and let-loose session with a bunch of friends.

We went with a "Vintage Vegas" theme...
My friend, Marylin (another photographer in Colorado), and I have been thinking/brainstorming about this for a couple weeks.  She helped me pick an outfit that was out of my comfort zone when she was in town for the holidays.

I was very excited to practice, relax, and have fun with a great group of ladies (not to mention gorgeous!!)

Joani just started up a photography may remember her from HERE also.

I mean...seriously!!  How beautiful are these girls? 
I can assure you too, that they are just as pretty on the inside.

I tried a lot of new things on my post processing...
trying to learn new techniques as much as I can.

Oh Tara with the incredible skin!  Wish I could look like that in a close-up!

Thanks for pausing for a minute Cortni!

While I was editing Stephanie's I saw like three people's silhouette in her eyes (a bright orange fleck from one of them).  Ha!  Ha!  So - I decided black and white would probably look better. I think this images lends itself to black and white anyway. ;)

Wanna know somethin' else??  I am lucky enough to go to church every week with some of these gals.

I met Lyndsey there...what a sweetie!

As we were wrapping up, we were shooting in front of a tatoo shop.  We really wanted to use their chairs...they were coming to see what the comotion was about. (Think paparazzi - 5 photographers taking pictures of each other in the middle of town)  Joani asked them if we could tak pics of them too.  I am so glad she did!

They got some fun ones of me too...I will post them soon!
Looking forward to doing it again ladies!

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Marylin said...

I LOVE LOVE THE LAST ONE!!! Glad you had fun!

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