Monday, December 7, 2009

Norr Sneak Peak

It's being around families like these...
that gets me soooo excited for my family to come in town for Christmas.
The teasing, the times!
I used Maddy as a focal point to set up another picture,
I ended up really liking this one more than the one I was "setting up" for!!
This little dolly had some of the sparkliest (is that a word??) eyes I have ever seen.

The ones who started it all...Sure had fun walking the streets with this incredible family.
I am lucky that I was able to do a session with them...
but even more lucky that I go to church with them and consider them friends.

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Anonymous said...

MARISSA! Your photos are looking sooo great! I love all the new pictures you've posted. You sure have talent. I'm glad I got to do that session with you. It was a lot of fun! ---JaNae Lee

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