Sunday, October 4, 2009


I bet you can't guess their last names, can you?...
I showed up with bright red soda and they had brand spankin' new clothes on...
Totally worth the risk!!
How cute are they?!
C. just loved watching his big brothers and wanted to follow them.

I loved watching them play together in the grass - chasing each other and laughing...

Ummm...hello! I want those genes!
These boys had awesome eyes!
Mr. M really warmed up to me after I gave him a soda. ;)

Mr. J is just adorable. Just the right amount of smile.

And their beautiful Mommy...

I *heart* back lighting (you can probably tell)...just gives people a gorgeous glow.
I had so much fun - thanks Miranda!
I really smiled chasing C., because it reminded me of how I
chase my little Sarah around the house.


Anonymous said...

I love them!! So creative. I can't wait for you to do ours.
your sis

Suzanne said...

You captured the best of these Jones boys (and their beautiful momma). So creative with the Jones soda!

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