Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Pretty Pula People

The Pula family is so beautiful! I could take pictures of them all day!
Awww...Sisters. I hope 20 years from now they can look at these pictures and smile!
Gosh! Those puppy dog eyes...I just want to squeeze him!

Thanks guys for going on a fun adventure downtown with me!


Brooke said...

These are darling Marissa. Love the one with the sisters esp. Beautiful job.

Marylin said...

I am in LOVE with these pics!! Do more like this!! I love the color, love EVERYTHING!! Oh and they are beautiful people aren't they!! Karen should have lots more kids cause they turn out sooo gorgeous!!! :)

Anonymous said...

haha Marylin. not gonna happen. lol marissa I am psyched. thanks for doing them so last minute and i love the one of the girls too. it makes me teary!! karen

Suzanne said...

I want to see ALL of them! Karen looks SO great, but you can barely see her! Where are her close ups?

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