Thursday, August 6, 2009

What a whirlwind!

I have had a very busy couple of weeks! Went to Seattle last weekend for a much needed girl's trip with my Mom and sis. So fun! Man, we walked our hineys off! I have also had family in town (Yay!), mixed in with some photo sessions and a new church position. Whew!

What a cute family this is...they just adore their new little addition, Eli. (You may remember him from a previous session) You can see the love in the way they look at him!

AND you can see that they love each other! So cute!

Thanks Tara and Jason for such a great session! You guys made my job easy!

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Brittany Busk said...

Hey Marissa- checkin up on ya! You are doing great! Love this park location- what a great bridge. Your pictures are beautiful and I am so happy to see you doing so well!

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