Saturday, July 11, 2009

Drum Roll Please!

This is the moment you have all been waiting for!
I have now completed my website!
It should be "live" by next week.
*crossing my fingers*

That also means that I need a dedicated photography blog,
one that is separate from my personal blog.

I have gotten so much support from my family and friends...thanks so much for helping through this endeavor!! Funny tidbit: I was organizing my sewing room Wednesday (what is the world coming to?!), and came across an old journal. I read some parts of it and took a walk down memory lane. An entry dated March 17, 2002 reads: "I have decided to go back to school. I will work full-time and go to school part-time. I am a little nervous, but I know it is what I am supposed to do. I will just have a hard time deciding what to go for...I think teaching, but I will have to pray about that...I would LOVE to do photography, but that is not exactly practical..."

Ha! 7 years later and I am chasing that dream

...practical or not!!


Marylin said...

GO MARISSA!!! GO MARISSA! Love ya girl and I am cheering you on from Colorado!! :)

lauren said...

thats awesome!! man i should have you do maddie's 1 year old pictures its in a month. ...sad!

Brooke said...

Congrats Marissa! I am excited to see this site!

Jessica said...

So awesome Marissa! Congrats and good luck! You know I think your work is awesome!

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